Akeš: When you find the right one!


Key points

Abanka is one of the most active banks in the segment of services for the young in Slovenia. With their brand Akeš, it offers a complete package of bank services, covering basic as well as advanced financial needs of the young. The target group is students (with a valid student status), ages 15 to 26.

Interactive video

Time dynamic

“Offline” supplement with an AR game

Romantic teenage comedy

Abanka/AKEŠ: When you find the right one! – campaign trailer


The main goals of the campaign were to increase the number of Akeš account holders, increase the number of mobile bank users, build on increased recognisability of the bank in the target group, and to present the bank as an innovative bank “for the young”.


The challenge we faced was how to connect financial tools with the target group interests. In the media world of today, the young are hard to reach and equally hard to address appropriately. This applies even more so to banking services, even though Slovenians are considered frugal and wise individuals.


A boy and a girl meet. Will they become a couple?

We therefore developed the activity in the form of interactive video series, as a story on the Akeš service, primarily through lifelike interactions between the young, through their coincidental meetings and communication. The main theme of the story is the love between two young people, which is symbolically strengthened between the two people in love (main characters in the series) by their favourite Abanka.


Abanka/AKEŠ: When you find the right one!


The campaign was peculiar because it was conducted in two parts. First, in the form of a pre-campaign, we offered young people from the target group a chance to test their acting abilities. The six people chosen were then given an opportunity to act in the interactive online series, which was the main activity of the campaign.


The main campaign was conducted online as an interactive video – series, where the viewer could choose their favourite ending between two options. The campaign lasted for nine weeks, with a new chapter in the story revealed every week. Active involvement in creating one’s own story conclusion is the tipping point that distinguished these videos from “yet another” video for the young. This campaign represented active and engaged content creation, and in-depth following and understanding of the story, which was the key communication objective of the campaign.


We included Akeš tools in all key decisions made in the story, showcasing their advantages in quite unusual behaviour: making advances with the opposite gender.

The story was devised in such a way that the viewer helped the main character win over the boy/girl using knowledge of Akeš tools and services, by choosing the right conclusion of an individual story. This way, we succeeded in presenting Akeš banking services to the target group, showing that financial responsibility is actually “cool”.


All participants were included in a weekly prize draw, and we chose two main prize winners at the end of the campaign.

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