AVE: 4 in a row

A legendary game using interactive video

Key points

To integrate as much as possible with the relevant TV campaign, we used characters of the TV advert in the interactive game, and invited the entire Slovenia to compete in 4 in a row.

Interactive video for the WOW effect

Players and story from the TV advert appear in a new digital format

To enter the prize draw, users had to complete a difficult task

Due to its success, we repeated the activity three times in a year-and-a-half period

A legendary game in an interactive way.

Producer of meat and meat products AVE wanted to upgrade its TV campaign with the family of Gourmands with online activities. We promoted a new product, soy-free and gluten-free hotdogs. In the TV advert, we followed brother and sister Gourmand playing the legendary game 4 in a row. The one with yellow tokens rooted for mustard, and the one with red tokens rooted for ketchup. Their game was interrupted by dad Gourmand by saying that AVE hotdogs are good even without anything.


Due to the game’s success, we repeated the activity three more times in a year-and-a-half period. We always adapted the game to the relevant season.

To follow the story from the TV advert, we expanded it into the digital environment and upgraded it with interactivity. We created an interactive video game 4 in a row, where users could play against Markec and Sanja Gourmand. The game had three levels of difficulty. On the first level, users played against the younger brother, while on the second level, they played against his more experienced sister. On the third level, the two siblings joined forces and played against the challenger together. We livened up the game with their shouts of triumph or disappointment, as well as opening and closing speeches. With such an interactive experience, we wanted to surprise users and expand the feeling of involvement. We succeeded in this regard to such a degree that AVE’s Facebook site received question if Markec and Sanja are really there and playing in real time.


After winning on all three difficulty levels, the user could enter the prize draw. If the user lost, they could continue playing the game by liking AVE’s profile. We thus raised the criterion for participation in the prize draw with the purpose of increasing interaction with the brand.


Take a look at the case study, prize draw application, AVE 4 in a row.


Production challenges were difficult, as we had to record every move made by players, while in the background the application logic triggered video elements matching the relevant action, i.e. responses to the other player.


The campaign results were extraordinary: over 10,000 users participated, with positive and fun comments.

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