Belinka website

Belinka – all for wood

Key points

In almost 50 years since it was founded, Belinka (part of Helios Group) became a synonym for top-of-the-line protection and bringing out the natural beauty of wood.

Modern website for products and content

Presence on 17 different markets

Search application for wood-related solutions

Automated processes on the website

For the Belinka brand, we developed a new website, where our client wanted to present the full range of its products. In addition to an extensive product presentation and various options of connecting with users (link to online store, sales network exposure, product-related Q&A, etc.), a large emphasis was placed on additional content packages, where users could find information on wood maintenance.

Various subpages of the Belinka website

Because Belinka’s product range is quite vast, and primarily because general consumers in need of such products do not meet so often to have and share detailed knowledge on the selection and comparability of individual products, we wanted to make it easier for buyers to choose the right product based on their individual need. For this purpose, we developed the application “Find the solution for wood – quiz”, which helps users find the recommended product or several products that meet their individual need.



Can you find the right wood protection for you? No? Neither do we, and that is why we use the special-purpose application.


Website renovation is an opportunity for optimisation of internal processes

In addition to the configurator for assistance in product selection, one of the greatest innovations on this website was the simplified exchange of safety sheets for individual products. Most products include safety sheets, which contain safety information on specific substance or chemical. However, they are often changed and must be regularly updated. Before, this was done manually. We automated the process, so that safety sheet authors can submit the file to an agreed location, from where it automatically refreshes on the website once par day. With this process, we achieve significant time savings for the website administrator, meaning that they could dedicate their time to more demanding tasks.

Another work challenge was the preparation of 17 language versions, for 17 different market where Belinka is present, and which all have their own specific offer and different product packaging. We therefore focused significant attention on making a friendly, quick, and independent environment for website editors.


The website is also linked to the online store, Mavrica. A product viewed on the Belinka website can be purchased in the client’s online store with just a few clicks.

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