Hermi website, providing solutions against lighting strikes.

Key points

Hermi d.o.o. is a consultation, manufacture, sales, and installation company for lighting protection systems, surge protection system, cable tray systems, ladders, and construction systems under their own brand HERMI.

With the new website to better reputation

Video content – highlighting values

Key information for B2B and B2C segments

New website traffic with the help of targeted advertising

Brand HERMI has a longstanding tradition and is well-known in Slovenia and across former Yugoslavia, but the company hopes to use it to penetrate foreign, primarily western markets. Many potential partner from Western Europe still doesn’t consider Slovenian companies as operating in a stable environment and capable of assuming a role of a reliable business partner. This impression often changes only after they visit the company headquarters for the first time. And here was our main task for the renovation of the Hermi d.o.o. website: to highlight the knowledge, expertise, and professional attitude of the company, while ensuring that the website invoked enough visitor interest that the work of the company sales team would be made somewhat easier.

The video positively presents and explains the company message to users.

Corporate video Hermi: one of the most effective formats for presenting company values.


Hermi d.o.o. is otherwise most active in the business-to-business sales (B2B), but also provides its products and services to end customers (B2C). The company wanted to additionally emphasise both segments, and make sure that website visitors obtain enough information from short and concise product descriptions that they can make informed decisions if Hermi provides the right solutions for them. Furthermore, Hermi wanted to establish a simple method of communication with potential customers, so we integrated elements for quick online messaging into the website.

We presented key information on product groups in a way that meets specific segments of target groups (B2B and B2C).

We also discussed with Hermi the desired website functionality. The company did not want only a typical corporate presentation website: it was essential that we developed a functional optimised website that uses effective, simple, and appealing graphic elements to log demand and contacts of interested website visitors (so-called lead generation).

We approached the project in a systematic manner, as we ourselves had to become familiar with our new client and its challenges to ensure the appropriate presentation. The first step was the preparation of a corporate presentation video in multiple languages, providing insight into the manner of work, products, and employees at Hermi. After interviews and coordinating different wishes, we prepared a scenario that encompassed the key presentation elements, and began making the video. The video includes shots that take the viewer through company premises, present its products and projects, while the entire video is nicely rounded up with a personal note, a narration by the company director, Mr Miran Rauter. Information obtained from our client, competition analysis, and analysis of data from the previous website, which was conducted using Google Analytics, formed the foundation for the website design. When preparing the visual elements and the look of the website, we took into account Hermi’s corporate design and guidelines appropriate for certain target groups of visitors looking for such information.

Establishing criteria for quality lead generation

We developed a website that is primarily intended for quick and concise product presentation in eight language for just as many target groups. We wanted website visitors to be able to quickly obtain key information in different ways, so that they can decide whether these are the products they are looking for.


Website visitors can find basic information on the company offer in different product categories, while detailed information for individual products is available in product catalogues, which they can simply order to be sent to their e-mail address. With this mechanism, we wanted to reduce the number of people downloading the catalogue only because they don’t know what the company offers, and obtain contact information for those who were convinced by the short descriptions that HERMI products will meet their needs.


We also added contact forms and inquiry submission forms on product webpages to make communication with the company easier for those website visitors who have questions or want to get an offer.

The first contact between a user and website is usually the front page. We therefore adapted it to various target groups and highlighted the elements that we used to achieve the purpose of the website. When entering the website, visitors first see a short excerpt from the corporate video, which they can view in full by clicking a button. Under the video, product categories are presented in three different ways, while the bottom of the page is used to present company’s locations throughout Europe and the certificates that strengthen the company reputation. Visitors can find more information on references and product quality within the section used for company presentation.

We did not forget traffic from new visitors and optimisation

Of course, a new website does not achieve visible results if we do not ensure a flow of new visitors. To reach potential buyer more quickly, we conducted digital campaigns of foreign markets using the advertising platform Google AdWords.


After a discussion with Hermi, we started advertising on 3 competitive foreign markets where Hermi wanted to increase its presence. The key to success were research and constant optimisation, as each market has its own specifics that we had to take into account. In addition to external factors, we considered Hermi’s market segment specifics, as Hermi’s products are not general consumer goods. In a short time, we reached the expected results, showing differences between target groups by country, which served as a starting point for a more detailed definition of target groups, adjustment of adverts, and consequent optimisation of results. We are constantly monitoring results using various tools for recording of results, among which we should point out Google Analytics and the enabled functionalities such as measurable goal setting, which are focused on desired conversions.


In the first phase, we used Google Search Network, as we targeted people who already know what they seek; in half a year, we succeeded in getting over 16,000 foreign visitors from the three targeted markets. This is a seasonal offer, and that is why we use the time between seasons to optimise user experience (UX) and Hermi’s presentation.

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