Lisca summer games


Key points

The new swimsuit collection was presented in the wider region using an interactive video format of activities. On this occasion, Lisca took its user to the Maldives, but they first had to compete in various summer sports disciplines.

Interactive video game for the WOW effect

Discount amount based on user engagement

Sensible product placement

International activity on 9 markets

Digital activity for a wider region

For the purposes of Lisca summer swimsuit collection presentation, our client wanted to present the innovative digital activity on all its markets: the Adriatic region, as well as the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and Russia. In addition to the new swimsuit collection promotion, the goal was to promote sales of the Lisca online store. Our task was to implement the expanded activities presenting Lisca as a modern brand, which communicates with its users in a modern and interesting way, thus successfully promoting both its values and products.

Did you entice users to submit their information because of the fun factor or did they do it primarily for the reward?

In the “Lisca Summer Games” application, users had to try their best and persists before they reached the step to submit their information for the prize draw. A principle we adhere to is that you can conduct activities online that positively affect brand reputation.

Users need to be enticed again and again

The decision to include an interactive video was made early in the work process. We knew that it would be easier to convince users to try the application and to keep using the application longer with video elements than other creative options. We recorded video elements with a model using Chroma Key Studio, and implemented them in a virtual environment. We also took advantage of the opportunity by dressing the model for each sports discipline in the swimsuit that most matches the individual summer sports discipline.

Lisca Summer Games (tightrope walking) behind the stage: every model outfit was carefully chosen based on the selected sports discipline

A user visited the Lisca Sports Island, where she could participate in various sports disciplines. Using her avatar – a model wearing a Lisca swimsuit – she played a game of the selected sports – volleyball, table tennis, Frisbee, water balloon popping, archery, tightrope walking.

With each game played, the user earned a higher discount in the online store.

The game selection was designed as an island, where users can test themselves in various sports disciplines.

The project was technically demanding, as the interactive video implementation is always technically advanced. We had to find the right balance between user experience that had to be exciting and technical implementation that had to be simple enough to allow the application to run on mobile devices, but not at the expense of users’ gaming experience. Game logic was also a challenge: users had to quickly grasp what to do in the game, otherwise they would quickly lose interest.


Simple game logic quickly drew in users.

Example of interactive video

How we developed Lisca Summer Games


The entire video production required for the interactive video was done by our in-house production, using Chroma Key Studio. The model who acted out the sequences in front of a green background was later superimposed on the Lisca sports island environment, which was made graphically anew.


User response was extremely positive, not only in the sense of conversions or new contacts, but also in the sense of response on Facebook.

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