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At digiGRAL, we developed the first weather-responsive website in Slovenia, which displays relevant content based on weather at the user’s location and time of day.

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When we took one development of a new website for Natureta, presentation concepts for food products seemed so entrenched that we could not offer anything new in creative terms. But, as it soon became apparent, the new Natureta website proved the opposite. We adapted the strategy to modern guidelines for personalised marketing and presented Natureta products in an innovative way, based on an individual’s current geolocation.

Personalisation solves several challenges.

Fact is, website content must be relevant for a user. The question is, which parameters should we use for visitor segmentation to provide relevant content? Especially if we take into account Natureta’s extremely diverse portfolio of products, which are suitable for different occasions and situations. And herein lay the answer. Product suitable for morning hours were segmented on the basis of precisely defined time of day. As were products more suitable for lunch or dinner.


We then took it a step further. Weather also affects food recommendations. In case of cold weather, Natureta recommends foods that require somewhat more time in the kitchen, behind the stove. In case of nice weather, Natureta doesn’t want to keep us occupied in the kitchen, and recommends simple and quick recipes, so that we can spend the rest of the day outside, in fresh air.

See how we renovated the website.

For users, we provided rich content from relevant fields: from expected recipes, to more complex menus that offer a complete concept and recommendations for meal preparation. Stories from Natureta – and Natureta has many of them – provide a plethora of interesting facts on the subject of food.

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