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Key points

Za Naravoslovnotehniško fakulteto (NTF) smo postavili novo spletno stran, ki je s svojim obsegom in velikim številom vpletenih deležnikov pomenila nov razvojni korak v oddelku spletnega programiranja.We developed a new website for the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF), which represented a new developmental step in our website development department due to its scope and large number of stakeholders involved.

Modern and functional website

Visitor profiling

Simpler content management

NETKO award

The goal of the new website development were graphically modern and clearly structured landing page for the faculty and individual study programmes, and a visually and substantively clear differentiation. We had to ensure access to relevant and current information on studies, study programmes, and faculty activities. Simple navigation for accessing such information was therefore essential. Because a large number of people manages the website (professors and administrative employees of the faculty), we implemented a simple method for entering and managing content and for quick uploading, while also integrating the website with other supporting information systems.


Consider the existing website, upgrades were necessary in all areas: visual, substantive, and technical. In visual terms, the website had to be cleaned and simultaneously livened up. Technically, we had to ensure a better SEO, easier management for administrators, and ultimately also for users.




The website allows the user to create a profile based on their status, thus gaining access to customised content.

A difficult challenge in this project was most certainly the specific situation at NTF, which includes seven study programmes that are part of two very different branches: mining and metallurgy on one hand and textiles and graphics on the other. We were thus facing some people who strongly emphasised the visual aspect of the website, while others stressed the substantive aspect. Such a situation represented a great challenge for project management, as the wishes of both sides had to be coordinated and fulfilled, and a reference workgroup had to be established. There were almost 20 people at the initial meeting; ultimately, we formed a very small team that communicated successfully.

NTF website subpages

Development of the website was standard. A peculiarity of the work process was that we used wireframes, which were practically a design proposal. Our discussions included experts in fashion and graphics, who considered the visual aspect of the website as very important.


Due to the diversity of the faculty, we used a multi-site platform, enabling access to their own information streams for all parties involved. We also created small classrooms, where all employees were given the option to use an unlimited number of subpages.


Throughout the website development process, we were in discussions with people who were well-versed in our field of expertise. This is one of the reasons why the website is so perfected, even though a general user might not even notice some details. An interesting approach in the development was also user profiling. This proved to be a good way to personalise site content to specific user profiles, especially with the large number of very diverse study departments at the faculty.


For our work, we received the professional award Netko, which we are very proud of, as we invested an enormous effort into this project.

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