Sola Beats

A rhythm that moves you


Key points

Sola Beats: A rhythm that moves you is a digital campaign used to achieve high engagement of the youth target group, aged 13 to 20.

Music application for creating songs

With the most advanced HTML5, synchronised audio playback in the browser

Integration of application and point of sale: by purchasing Sola Ice Tea, a user received a code for new genre music sample packages

Activities enabled by further upgrades

Sola Beats: A rhythm that moves you is a digital campaign used to achieve high engagement of the youth target group, aged 13 to 20. We asked ourselves: what is important to the youth, how can we establish a contact with them in an interesting and relevant way? We discovered that a common point for all was music, as it is very important for them. We also made creativity the starting point, hoping to move the youth, to motivate them to create. When we placed both starting points together – music and creativity – we naturally came up with the idea to let young people themselves create their own music, to create their own “Sola Beats song”.


We developed a music mix application, where users can first select their music genre, followed by different samples to create their own music. Also available were sequences of drums, melodies, and vocals. By choosing and placing the elements on a multitrack timeline, users created new songs. This also led to a change of slogan: “Sola, a taste that moves you,” as the young became active and creative – they became producers of their own music.


Those that didn’t wish to engage in making music could still use the Random button, which generated a song from randomly selected samples.


Discover how we developed Sola Beats: A rhythm that moves you.


We invited Tadej Košir, musician, producer, and a member of Muff, and back vocalist Suzana Labazan to participate in the project. Tadej Košir explained how to use the application in a video tutorial, while Suzana Labazan provided the vocals.


Users could submit their created song to a price draw. In the application, users had an option to share their songs, thus placing on the Sola Beats music chart. Friends could vote for their songs. Those that earned the most votes and earned the top spot on the Sola Beats chart were rewarded for their achievement.


We linked activities to points of sale. We attached leaflets to products containing a code, which users entered in the application, unlocking a new music package – Latin, dance, pop, hip-hop.


The application ran both on browsers and on smart phones, and was a global innovation at the time. During this time, HTML5 was still being implemented for more advanced multimedia applications, which were generally dominated by Flash technology. It was therefore a challenge to implement such functionality using new standards. There were no similar solutions at that time, so we could not base our work on best practices at home or abroad.


Sola Beats was an innovation both in technical and substantive terms, as it wasn’t only an opportunity to submit information with two clicks and to participate in a prize draw, but allowed users to express themselves musically and to be creative. Users could also download their own Sola Beats song in mp3 format, and listen to it anywhere.

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