What story would you like to present to the public, so that it understands your message? Do you wish to increase the reputation of your company or the sales value of your product? Which formats and narrative options to choose to achieve your objectives with a growing number of channels? We will help you find the answers to these questions, while our audio and video production department will produce a TV advert, corporate movie or sales video, online video, TV advert localisation, radio advert, or other audio and video content.

Rubikon GRAL Showreel

Take a look at our recent work.

NAJNOVEJŠE: Lisca, Proud To Be Me

Zelo smo ponosni, da smo imeli priložnost biti del projekta, ki ženskam sporoča, da so v svoji »nepopolnosti« popolne. Da smo imeli priložnost spoznati in začutiti energijo teh deklet, ki jim dolgo ni bilo lahko v svoji koži, nato pa so se ponosno ter brez zadržkov sprehodile po Prešernovem trgu v kopalkah in sporočile svetu svoje stališče: #proud to be me.

Petlja d.o.o., VIKI KREMA: Children love Viki Krema!

The legendary Viki the Indian evokes a feeling on nostalgia. Nostalgic emotions can have a strong effect on an individual’s attitude towards a product, which we hoped to utilise. We used the character of Viki the Indian as a link to the past, simultaneously creating a modern and visually attractive advert to attract the attention of the older and younger generations.

GIZ meso Slovenije: Kranjska klobasa

In accordance with the defined communication plan, we informed consumers about European quality schemes, more precisely on the protected geographical indication for Kranjska klobasa (Carniolan sausage). In the advert, we presented the famous anecdote about the origin of the name for the Carniolan sausage.

Adria media: Jana, the one and only

The TV advert informing the target group that the legendary magazine Jana, with stories written by life, is coming back. We invited the theatre and film legend, the exceptional actress Milena Zupančič, to collaborate on the project.

Gea tovarna olj: Cekin, enriching food

The client wanted to increase recognition and reputation of brand CEKIN, to strengthen its values, and to familiarise the generation of parents with the Slovenian product with a long tradition.

Šampionka: fabric softeners Sampy

The launch of a new brand of fabric softener that addresses mothers and housewives. We created communication to raise brand recognition, appearance of packaging, and the pleasant feeling evoked by the aroma of the product.

Klet Brda, Quercus: Q means good

The goal of the TV campaigns was to raise awareness of the Quercus brand wine with the youth target group. The main theme of the advert is the love developing between the two characters in the advert and their love of wine, which they are discovering on their hike across the countryside.

Butan plin: Zelena jeklenka

The advert was based on the premise of advantageous service. To illustrate the story of the advantage of Zelena jeklenka (green gas cylinder) delivery service, we employed two experienced actors, who presented the opposition between the younger and older generations and their habits in a playful, opposite manner.

Šampionka, Salatina: Refined simplicity

In accordance with the comprehensive redesign of the brand, we prepared a TV advert that followed Salatina’s new slogan in all production aspects: Refined simplicity.

Panvita AVE, Grill: Only the best for the mother-in-law

The TV campaign was intended as a sale promotion for the Grill product group, as well as hotdogs without gluten, soy, and eggs, throughout the season. For this purpose, we presented real-world problems of modern consumers, played out with a pinch of exaggeration.

Hit Alpinea: corporate video

For Hit Alpinea from Kranjska Gora, we made a presentation video of their hotels and the wide range of services and activities on offer. The video follows a young family, showing how no family member remains indifferent with Hit Alpinea’s diverse tourist offer. For all generations, in all seasons.

Hermi: corporate video

The goal of the corporate video was to showcase company activities and their reach, both in production equipment and on controlled markets. The video opened with the director’s introductory address. With this approach, we wanted to highlight to a potential partner or buyer the first contact with the person in charge of this success story.

Lupit Pole: Lupit Pole Stage

By filming on top of the Crystal Palace, we achieved our goal: to capture an epic moment in a completely urban environment. Extraordinary production circumstances (narrow time frame, cold weather, coordination of multiple cameras) required an extremely quick execution with a very sophisticated pre-production strategy.

Ilirija: Subrina, boys always look good with Subrina

For Subrina, we hired real athletes who shared locker-room anecdotes. Based on what they told us, we drafted a delightful scenario, which the athletes played out excellently, promoting Subrina hair cosmetics products in a completely natural manner.

Belektron: Carboneutralife animation video

For Belektron, we prepared an animation video that explains, in a non-technical manner, what an individual’s carbon footprint is, and how it can be reduced by purchasing emission coupons.

Toyota Corolla - TV advert localisation

We localised the TV advert for Toyota. We recorded a voice-over with Matjaž Tribušon, animated the Daddy cool caption, reedited the advert to the desired duration, and prepared a TELOP for the Slovenian market.

Labud: Čarli - TV advert localisation

We localised the TV advert for Croatia-based Labud. We recorded a voice-over and outro jingle, and animated the TELOP for the Slovenian market.

Tantum Verde - TV advert localisation

We localised the advert for Tantum Verde. We recorded a voice-over in our audio studio and prepared a TELOP for the Slovenian market.

Toyota Auris - TV advert localisation

We localised the TV advert for Toyota. We recorded a voice-over with Matjaž Tribušon, reedited the advert to the desired duration, and prepared a TELOP for the Slovenian market.